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  • i got your message and will do! Ive been busyyyyyyy trying to meet up with friends before they go back home for the break.
    hey man I haven't forgotten about you I may be free this sunday ill let you know closer to the date. (SO BUSY) I know for sure I have that bunnery you did for me. As well as metagross (I think its your not sure I have to recheck the ot) Also let me know which other pokes from that thread you posted you haven't got yet an Ill see if I have any similar redis. And will you want to trade on gen 5 or gen 4?
    oh dammit, I already turned down the friend request, I thought "who the hell is this"
    I'm sorry to hear about you being robbed. I may not know the horror of being robbed, but I do know the pain of losing so much hard work. I've got a few of the Pokemon (as well as may RNG some of the others on your list at some other time) that you listed in your thread; Staryu, Gastly, Bagon, and Togepi.
    I really do feel bad for you, so if you want any of these, they're free of charge.
    I saw your thread; I'm sorry, bro.

    Check my thread for anything you need, I'll give it to you. I'm a little busy with college but I should find some spare time on Thursday to trade
    hey man I just read that messed up post. I remember we did a few trades in the past did your thread get deleted way back? What is/was your ot? I can't even begin to understand the grief of losing a portfolio...I am sorry. Get back to me and Ill see what I can find. *I am not THAT active on smogon but I defiantly still come on from time to time
    I've seemed to stumble on your art thread again. And the new works are quite intresting. I love the t-rexpuss xD Those inks you use how much are they ? I'd really like to try them. Do you get them online?
    hahaha, oh no!!!

    they must be dreadfully melted/soft or something by now.
    yeah, if you want an awesome animated gif avatar like what we previously concocted, you'll have to get a super mod to set it for you.
    you still have credits from the bunnery bp so let me know via thread if when you want to spend em ^^
    I am sure the whole experience made the trip regardless of where you placed ^^ I didn't know canadians went down for the big event haha that is awesome
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